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Nayeon Kim

About Me

Hi, I'm Nayeon! It's pronounced like nylon, but without the "l". I was born in South Korea and immigrated to the US when I was only six years old. I grew up in the Imperial Valley, a small city at the southest corner of California -- right by the border. I moved to Los Angeles for college and have lived here since.

I currently work full-time as a Senior Lecturer at the Viterbi School of Engineering at USC. I teach web development to students of all majors. I love it because web development is a skill that is so useful no matter what career path you choose. USC is also my alma mater. I received my Bachelor's in Computer Science from USC. It was not an easy path, but I'm so glad I persevered through it.

Teaching in front of a classroom full of students.
This is my ITP 303: Full-stack Web Development course, a tech elective for computer science majors.

Before teaching, I worked as a software engineer at space150, a creative agency where I worked on web applications for major brands like Disney, Fox, and Nike. Even though I now teach full-time, I still consult and develop projects on the side to keep my feet wet in the latest web technologies. You can check out the Projects page to see some more details of what I've worked on recently.

A crowd of people on their mobile phones, looking at a large screen display on the wall.
While waiting in line for the Soarin' ride at Disney World, guests play the web application that I worked on.
A crowd of people on their mobile phones, looking at a large screen display on the wall.
A web application I worked on that acts as a kiosk in the Colortopia exhibit at Disney World.

Recently, I've been getting into camping and exploring the outdoors with my husband. We even purchased a rooftop tent so that we can pick up and travel whenever!

A rooftop tent on top of a black truck.
Surprisingly really easy to set up. It makes camping a lot of fun!